Training Library

Bigger billings don’t happen simply by being well- intentioned. You need training. Recruiters who are trained now on the latest techniques, just past a turbulent market, will become your office superstars!

"Just to let you know, your Recruiter Training system has really been beneficial in my little world. Firstly, I’m actually getting appointments to meet with Clients, I hated sales calls before, but now I’m loving it, ‘cos I have all the answers! Secondly, for job orders given to me and other agencies, I’ve managed to maintain a 100% placement rate, 2 of my Clients have mentioned Job Orders will only be given to me and not other agencies in the future. Thirdly, brag, brag, brag...I think I’m a top biller now, lets see for how long I’m going to ride this wave, then we’ll talk numbers! Keep well and hope to meet again soon".

Anita Naidoo, Owner of JobXpress