More and more companies are retaining search companies to find their talent. Executive level retainers, rolling retainers, they are out there! Have you asked yourself?Why not YOU? You know Retainers are the way to work. Getting paid before you begin work seems more in line with the way the rest of the world works than does working like a dog and "hope" you "might" be paid. But how to start? Can you convert your contingency clients? Why would they do it? You're already servicing them well. Do you only go after high level jobs? Does the job have to be screaming hot? And what are the terms? How do I overcome the objections? Since I?ve never done one, don't I lose? Isn't this a vicious cycle? No. You simply need to have a sales methodology that you've mastered. You need to know the benefits you are selling and the verbiage that persuades. All presented to you below!