Comprehensive audio library featuring Dem’s principles.

Planning Issue

Rookies can be great to show senior people that hard work pays off. But eventually the senior people can ruin them. Let Dem explain how this happens and how to fix it.

Nudging and the Fee Fight

We expect Dem to come up with huge, wild closing statements that will wow people into submission. But even he realizes sometimes all they need is a little "nudge".

Qualifying the Fee

Most recruiters get nervous when it comes time to talk about their fee. What they don’t realize is they are sending the client signals during the qualifying that even they think their fee is too high! Lose the fear and start getting higher fees.

Candidate Control

Honestly, I can't even control myself never mind a candidate! It's time to update this process and actually get what you want, respect. Duration: 5:13

Counter Offer - Let's go Retro

Everything comes back into fashion eventually, and counter offers are back. So, let’s go back in time and brush up on the basic ways to fight them.

I'm Happy Where I Am

We are so used to getting this objection from candidates that we have stopped even trying to overcome it. Listen to Dem explain how you can use this objection as the very reason your candidates should be looking. Duration: 5:13

Covering Your Candidate

We need a creed when we are dealing with our candidates. If we work our process correctly every time, we could save ourselves from some of the troubles we are having.