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Dem has spent a career developing the staffing industry’s top billers.

He started his journey in the search and placement industry 23 years ago right out of University with Emmanuels Staffing Services, at the time one of the country’s largest privately owned search firms.

As Newcomer of the year, top biller and Branch Manager of 2 divisions by the age of 27, he continued to break records as one of the highest producing recruiters in the company and has successfully worked desks in Engineering, Finance, IT and FMCG.

About 15 years ago, he decided to commit himself full time to sharing his knowledge with South African Search and Placement companies and launched DEMsays SA, South Africa’s first online recruitment training and mentoring company dedicated to enhancing the skills and jump-starting the spirits of recruiters in South Africa.

Dem continues to run a desk in consultation with a select group of staffing industry clients, which keeps his training material and topics effective, updated, and relevant for the current market, and he has successfully trained and consulted with both solo operations as well as some of the largest search firms in South Africa.

His DEMsays Online Training System has become a core tool for a generation of recruiters, and his presentations have made him one of the busiest speakers in the country.

Dem’s style of teaching and passion for the business is infectious. He is down to earth, unpretentious and is willing to defend the fears and anxieties of everyone who has ever lost a heartbeat in a cold call.

Dem has a Post-graduate degree in Clinical Psychology from the USA, and a Post- graduate degree in Industrial Psychology from R.A.U.