For over 2 decades, Demitri Tambourlas has built his brand on one thing:


Recruiter training on your terms, live in your office, online, or through our new Box Office sessions. The DEMsays system of coaching standards and mentoring are considered the best in the industry and have produced more big billers than any other training system.

Box Office

Purchase Box Office Webinars and watch ANY On-Demand training session. You hear Dem’s presentation and see Dem’s power points on your screen!

Box Office Lite

We’ve taken the steps of the placement process and put them into short, compressed audio snippets to add to our basic training.


Nothing like the real thing! Send your recruiters for the fundamentals or bring Dem into your office.

Recruiter Tools

Resources for training, Q & A, Scripts, and Rebuttals.

Everything you need to run your desk at peak performance.

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