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Good Morning Dem,

This is a long over due THANK YOU! The girls implemented some of the stuff immediately and it working great. They all commented on your amount of hands-on approach and knowledge of the industry. Many thanks and it was great to have you with us!

I would really like to thank you for making such a tremendous impact on my life as a Recruiter. During the last two years we have had a very difficult time in the industry, and we have not had the results we wanted from our desks. When Express Headquarters announced that you were training the group on a retained basis, I was delighted and though to myself that this is what I need to get motivated and see the recruitment procedures through new eyes. We always think we know it all, but we do not, and I personally have learnt a lot from you and you have reminded me to go back to basics and to follow the process. I am of the opinion that in our profession we need to be open to learning all the time.

We are very fortunate to have a good trainer like you in South Africa. Just keep doing what you are, as our industry really needs people like you!

Kind Regards,
Frances J. Brannekamper, MIPSC
Franchise Owner
Express Employment Professionals (Cape Town)
Hi Dem,

I have 2 trainee consultants on your Online Recruiter Classroom, and it works! They work through it in 1 week and then get on the desk. My next step is to have them go through the tests and practical assignments.

PS: Melanie who followed the Online Classroom has been on a desk for only 2 weeks now and has secured 6 send outs and picked up 9 Job Orders in total  – not bad for someone who has no experience!

Ethel Labuschagne
Consulting Manager
I met Dem almost 10 years ago - I received his Headhunting training at that time. And after that - the other two agencies I worked for, were both "pro-Dem".

I am currently a branch manager for one of the leading recruiment consultancies in South Africa and when I need training or just advise - I push on His buttons. He is quick to reply and his advise is always more than helpful and very effective.

I would recommend Dem to any business owner and or Branch Manager if they want to grow and develop top billers in this cut-throat recruitment industry.

Go Dem Go!!!!
Hi Dem

Great news. I did R92 000 for the period April to 31 Dec. (I was too embarrassed to even put my stats up). As you know I started your training lessons online in Dec. I am elated to report that I have placements with billings to the value of R162 000 so far for Jan 7th 2013 till last night! Huge smile!!!

Another little proud stat: 2013 Billings were from 5 placements; the last months were from 2! Average placement fee up from R18 400 to R81 000 in a 2-month period.
Hiya Dem,

Huge thanks to you for your training to date. We are definitely starting to see the results and at this stage have over R300K confirmed (with contracts signed) for January, and I have about R25K for February. We will clearly be sticking with your program!!! I want us to bill at least R500K per month next year and believe that we can do it. So 2011 will be a great year, and it will be great to have you along for the ride!
Dear Dem,

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing seminar that you gave on Friday! I am from XXX and joined my mom in her business this year so I am BRAND NEW!

I really learnt a lot and thought you’d be interested in knowing how fantastic the information I learnt has been to me over just TWO days!  After your seminar I came into the office with a new insight and I believe also from a far better position than I was before. Being informed is definitely the tool to success! After hearing you, I decided to try something new. The results were unbelievable!  I am definitely going to be coming to more of your seminars because you have enlightened my way of thinking. Thank you so much.
Dear Dem,

I've been meaning to write this letter since last week Thursday to extend a HUGE THANK YOU!!! The delay could possibly be due to the fact that I've just been so motivated since attending last week's seminar that I’ve just been too busy focusing on new business development!!! [Huge smile]

I found you to be a charismatic, knowledgeable speaker and although I've been in the industry for the past 6 years (on my own for the past 4 years) I have learnt a number of valuable tips from your Seminar. I would like to add that some of the client approaches requires more balls than brains (guess I will have to work on the balls bit a little harder), but nevertheless it was refreshing to hear that someone could be so "assertively straightforward" and still get away with it!!!! [Smile]. Please put my name on your mailing list to keep me posted on any future courses in both Joburg and Cape Town. I'm looking forward to attending your next Seminar.
Dear Dem,

It is always so refreshing to go to a seminar and be inspired! Your practical, hands-on training is extremely valuable. Many thanks.
Hi Dem,

Wow!!! No wonder I am not billing R200 000 a month. Thanks. I am definitely going to use this. I’ll let you know the results!!
Dem helped me as a Junior Recruiter learn how to head hunt specific staff. He his an excellent teacher who is hands on & practical. I will definitely use him again & often use his training website which has been a great help to me. I would highly recommend him.
Hi Dem,

Thank you once again for a great training session on Friday. I have to say I'm always very motivated to do better after training with you. I wanted to give you some feedback. My confidence in negotiating fees has improved tremendously...none of my placements for July, August, September were below 20% (ok, maybe just one but it was on 17.5%). I have had 2 search assignments (one on retainer basis and the other a client paid ad), something I never thought I would be able master!
Hi Dem,

I’m not sure whether [my manager] gave you feedback on my meeting with [Big corporate]. After your training on Retainers I decided to give it a try. I got one position on 20 % (R900 000 pa) but with exclusivity, and 2 positions on a retainer (R2 million & R1.3 million). I think I did well. They would like to test the process with the first placement and then if it works like a charm they would like to have a long-term relationship with us working only on retainer! Thank you!
Good Morning Dem,

Hope you are well? I just wanted to say thank you so much, you have really got me through the last 3 months of our financial year. (I was ready to give up). The good news is I made some more placements and it looks very good to get nominated for the top biller award (trip to Dubai). Thank you, thank you. Today is the first day of our new year and I'm looking forward to using all I'm learning.

Adri Williams
Branch Manager
Hi Dem,

I just can’t think of enough words to express my gratitude for the work that you have done. I had come to a point where I thought that it was almost impossible in this industry to crack it, satisfying the client, the candidate and your job requirements. Obviously that was until I attended your training.

The training was not only fruitful but also something that is do-able and has great potential of making a success of ones career. Thank you for the new approach, you have built me into a better consultant, with a new meaning and a whole new approach to my job in only two days and that I think is amazing!!!
Dem is a passionate trainer who understands the recruitment industry inside and out. He has worked a desk and run teams so understands the challenges we face and speaks from first hand experience. This makes him more believable and trust worthy in my eyes. He has a knack for cutting through the nonsense and getting straight to the core. I value his knowledge and training Vertical Career Consultants
Hi Dem,

Just wanted to tell you I thought your course was absolutely astoundingly brilliant! I gained immense value from it, and went back to our office enthused and with a new sense of confidence!
Hi Dem,

Just got into the office now and wanted to say a very big thank you for your positive energy and enthusiasm and for making us think "out of the box" with your recruiting methods...almost like there's no excuse for not stepping out of your comfort zone and doing what needs to be done in order to secure a placement. You are dynamic and very inspiring! Thank you so much.
Dear Dem,

We were having trouble with a client who was not paying the placement fee, which was outstanding already for 4 months. While brainstorming in the office on what to do all we could come up with was: What would Dem say?? Neels sent an email asking Dem for advice on the way forward. Dem assisted with a letter to the client, which was then compiled and delivered to the client. Within a few days the money was in our bank! Thanks to Dem’s assistance the problem was resolved and from now on our motto is: What would Dem say or what would Dem do?

The team at Bathopele Executive Search
Dear Dem,

I must honestly tell you, the training is working ABSOLUTELY fabulous!! The training on "closing deals", POWERFULL STUFF!! Our production for August and September is building up to R390 000, the girls are enjoying the tools that you taught us and they can see that it works. It is so nice to be able to predict where you stand with your candidate/client, we never ever do anything else but sourcing /headhunting. We are currently working 40 - 46 specs weekly. The sourcing also opens the doors for us to recruit nationally, we never ever have a problem with time running out or finding a newspaper were we can ad a vacancy.

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance!
Hi Dem,

Hope all is going well on your side! I just wanted to offer you some feedback in terms of your Online Classroom we’ve implemented on this side. The results speak for themselves! We signed up our consultants to (Premium membership, so we get the Online Classroom with the package) in January and we have already seen a huge difference in billings.

This system is by far the most impressive tool ever developed for our industry. Using just the Recruiter Classroom, my brand new consultant billed R223K in her 2nd month, with no additional training or assistance from me. It allowed me to keep running my company and my desk without the distractions and frustrations of having to 'baby-sit' my new people. A lifesaver! I don’t want my competitors getting hold of this!

Will keep you in the loop as the money rolls in! Thanks for this tool Dem. It’s changing our industry for the better and doing so quickly. Chat soon!

Brendon Lezar
Regional Manager
Western Cape Contract Accountants
Hi there Dem,

We would like to sincerely thank you for the FANTASTIC training we received. My consultant were all raving afterwards and are ready and rearing to try your awesome approach to recruiting and making much higher billings. You were awesome as always!
Hi Dem,

Thank you for such a brilliant and practical workshop. We have already implemented all the new procedures, coupled with the new attitude and are seeing results immediately. Now that's what I call transferring knowledge! I look forward to staying in touch & lots more shots!
Hi Dem,

The decision to bring you on board has been one that is more than just “an excellent management decision”. Your commitment to [my company] has been phenomenal. Over my years I have used various trainers in recruitment, none of have shown the attention, commitment, involvement, persistence and insight that you have given us. Recruiters are emotional beings (well, a good portion anyway) and your calm strong nature helps bring them into touch. There’s a horrid saying; “those that cant – teach”. Not applicable to you!!! Often there are very different views between what owners/ managers say and what the consultants say about your involvement.

As you work directly with the consultants and are on their desks, I thought that I would share what my staff had to say about you and your involvement in their work. The girls were very hesitant to say anything as they don’t want to share you with anybody. This is what my staff had to say about you:

“I want to thank Dem, for helping me overcome objections and helping build my confidence. If it was not for his help I would not be bringing in the specs”.

“Dem is an invaluable asset to anyone in the recruitment game. As a Recruiter it’s easy to get into a rut about any number of challenges you meet on a daily basis, but Dem has fresh new ways of looking at old problems and provides practical, useable solutions. There is always something new to learn from him, and his daily ‘DemSays’ newsletters provide a great reference for any issues that crop up and help prepare you for any similar cases that might emerge. His enthusiasm is contagious and any training session with him always leaves you feeling good and ready for the week ahead“.

“Dem has been extremely patient, he has shown me a different yet effective way of handling objections and difficult phone calls, “being assertive and professional”. He has shown me skills of putting together scripts that have proven to get job orders and send outs and building credibility with clients. He is innovative and keeps an open mind and personalizes his training to according to what work for your particular industry. Two Thumbs up for Dem”.

Results alone speak for themselves, so some of our highlights since bringing you onboard: Revenue increased by 27%. Nett figures increased by 40%. Productivity has increased. Sales per staff have increased. Consultants achieve a minimum of 100 presentations a week. New consultant (with less than 1 year recruitment experience) in her first month achieved R221 000.00 in billings. New consultant – two placements within her first month.

Whilst we still have a journey ahead of us, the ship has turned and I know that I couldn’t have done it without you on my team. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude for all you have done and continue to do. Not only have you been a coach, mentor and trainer to my consultants, but you have also been a vital part of my sanity. Your insight not just into the industry but into my staff’s frame of mind has greatly assisted in planning the business. I have truly appreciated not only your training, but the support and the laughs that you bring into our offices as well. I know our relationship with you will continue for as long as you are “DEMsays”!! Thank you from the bottom of my soul for all you have done and continue to do!
Dem is, without a doubt, the best trainer in the recruitment business. He is knowledgeable, dynamic and very entertaining! We have learned so much from him and often, when a tricky situation arises in the office, we will ask ourselves: "What would Dem do?" I can highly recommend him.
Hi Dem,

Just a quick note about your Online Training System. Having been through the entire course I think it’s a masterpiece and should be a standard by which recruiters are trained before they are allowed to operate a desk. Fantastic piece of work Dem, well done! I can’t wait for the temp and manager’s modules.

Sean Dos Santos
Grey Consulting
Dear Dem,

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your well thought and value-add training via “Recruiter Whisperer”! Love your passion and ability to put the point across as well as good examples of deliverables and cost validations. You really do bring the fun back into the business at all levels of the recruitment Industry.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

Gail Burns,
Target Search & Selection
Hi D,

Just to let you know, your Recruiter Training system has really been beneficial in my little world. Firstly, I’m actually getting appointments to meet with Clients, I hated sales calls before, but now I’m loving it, ‘cos I have all the answers!

Secondly, for job orders given to me and other agencies, I’ve managed to maintain a 100% placement rate, 2 of my Clients have mentioned Job Orders will only be given to me and not other agencies in the future. Thirdly, brag, brag, brag...I think I’m a top biller now, lets see for how long I’m going to ride this wave, then we’ll talk numbers! Keep well and hope to meet again soon.

Anita Naidoo
Hi Dem,

I am loving the online classroom courses. Thank you! Wanted to let you know that I have made two placements (before losing two) and for both I followed your process to the letter. Both were at 20% of CTC and what you call Elephants (at least I think). One was R160k and the other R280k (half paid now and half in 6 months). I need to start tracking my ratios and hitting the targets of top billers.

Thanks so much for the effort and time you put into your business. I get better and better each time I apply the process and learning.

Carlo Baptista
Owner/ Recruiter
Astute Resourcing
Dem has provided in house training for us for over 3 years. His understanding of recruitment and recruiters is invaluable in providing our consultants with scenarios and training that they can actually use. He is well respected and liked by our consultants and able to train in a manner which makes them take notice. I would highly recommend Dem to any owners looking at outsourced training.
I find Dem's insights, training and presentations very accurate and motivational. I regard him as the true guru of modern day recruitment. I especially enjoy that he keeps track of all the statistics which ensures that he can back up his views by actual data. He is a true inspiration to anyone wanting to achieve the top in recruiting.
I have attended Dem's seminars, used his in house training and more recently subscribed to his online training for nearly 10 years. Dem provides training that is relevant and in touch with the market, he also provides creative solutions and promotes the integrity of our industry. I would highly recommend any recruiter to make use of his services.
Dear Dem,

I came to your seminar feeling a little on the “jaded” side, having recently become part of a global company, losing my business partner, growing by 5 staff and putting all sorts of new systems in place over the November, December period. Added to this has been 3 months of very sub-standard billings! NO EXCUSES!  The past four months though, if nothing else, have forced me to think that as business owners we spend far too much hands on time – nurturing, developing, assisting, guiding and uplifting others that we actually forget about ourselves – what made us good, successful etc in the first place!...and HOW are we going to weather the storm!  It’s forced me to take stock of my most valuable and loyal people and those who have the very best work ethic and who are most effective (R.O.I.). Yes – this recession will definitely sort the “men out from the boys” again and each time we get stronger and are able to shift the levels to higher credibility and tenure!

The depth of you research, intuition, success and determination – and also just sheer hard work – never ceases to both encourage and amaze me.

Thank you Dem for an enlightening, interesting and challenging day, which was worth every cent!

Best regards,
Gail Burns
Managing Director
Target Search & Selection
Dem has helped me immensely through my 9 years in recruitment and more so as my role as Recruitment Trainer. He is truly knowledgable and reliable. Companies can most definitely benefit from his exceptional training.
Dear Dem,

It’s courses like yours that make my pockets fuller!
Hi Dem,

Thank you for the best course I have been on. I really thought beforehand that it might be a waste of time but WOW!!! I will definitely be using these proven techniques and will let you know how I’m doing. Once again, thank you.
Dem is a dynamic training and coach who is always 1 step ahead of the rest in the recuritment industry.
Dear Dem,

We recently went through some challenging times in our business - particularly with reference to the types of recruiters we have working for us, and what that meant in terms of strategy, retention and remuneration.

We asked for your advice on how we could recruit for the future; what types of individuals are best suited to our industry; and knowledge on how to pay, retain and incentivise our staff.

The advice that you gave us was fast, thorough and all encompassing. You gave us insight into industry trends, what top recruitment companies generically do in order to attract and retain the best staff; and how to go about thinking from strategic viewpoint as opposed to a hit and miss idea - which can easily happen when urgent decisions take over important strategic alignment decisions. We took the time to re-evaluate what we do in our business, our mission statement, what our vision is and how we are going to achieve our goals for 2010/2011 and beyond. It required us to “think” about what we do as opposed to just following age-old habits. It took effort and time.

Together with all of your information we have been able to re-align our own statement of values, our dreams for the business, and the types of people we want working for us - and who want to work with us - to achieve greatness for all. (Huge profits included!!)

Thank you so very much Dem. You are indeed a diamond! Your knowledge is so worthwhile and you fulfill the role of “business coach/management consultant” so incredibly well. You put the Harvard MBA graduates to shame! Having all your insider information and the specialist knowledge on the recruitment industry, how to run a successful business, and how to train and retain staff – have been hugely helpful.

We wish you continued great success with DEMsays! Thank you.

Michelle & Lauren
You Choose Recruitment
Hi Dem,

Thanks for all that info, very powerful stuff. You must have made millions when you were recruiting! Have a wonderful day!
Demitri Tambourlas is a powerful, knowledgeable, experienced speaker/trainer that walks the walk and talks the talks. He works a desk during his sessions and therefore has first hand experience of what he trains. Most Top Industry Staffing Consultants have passed through Demitri Training.
Dem is the gem of the recruitment industy! The Word refers to "setting the captives free" and Dem has that ability. He's vision cuts through any excuse a recruiter can come up with. He is inspirational, relevant and experienced in this current market. Dem is SA's best, and my desk would not have moved from margin to miraculous without his insight and strategy.

I can recommend Dem's on the desk coaching to any aspiring Top Consultant in the current market.
Dear Dem,

I must tell you my consultants and I have been using some of the scripts you gave us from the seminar on Friday and ITS WORKING!!!!! We love it!!!!! I’ve definitely noticed an increased sense of confidence amongst the consultants as well- thanks for your input, ALWAYS!!!!
I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being coached and guided by Dem. He provides tried and tested solutions to the challenges faced by owner managers and recruiters. He has made me laugh and he has reenergised and inspired me when most needed. I have implementd his ideas and suggestions with great results. He is gracious, kind and deeply knowledgeable about his subject matter.
Hello Dem,

Just want to let you know that I had an interview straight after our training today, and I used your Interview procedure and the whole process went fantastic. At the end the candidate said that this was the best interview with a recruitment agency she's ever been on...and I got that in writing!
Hi Dem,

Heavy negotiations taking place, actually having some fun! Thanks so much Dem. So glad you are my trainer/ mentor and business coach! I wrote in my gratitude journal that I am ‘Grateful for Dem's  training’, so now you are published! Already you have taught me so much!
Hi Dem

Sorry for only coming back to you now to say THANK YOU for such an awesome seminar. Do those more regularly please!

Thanks for all the good advice; your support and wisdom. Wish I was born with your motor mouth. So while we were all there on Friday having a smoke I kept my mouth shut and listened. The consultants went wild about your ability to convey information; make sense and know exactly what to say. Must say I agreed too.

I had a finger up the bum month. Yes laziness; working on legacy issues from last year and doing a lot of your module training. I am finalising a plan (for the first time in many years) and on Monday I am in. Excited.

Just wanted to say thank you. Gosh man you have changed me. My four kids can look forward to lots of spoiling; SARS can expect timeous payment (for the first time in 2 years!) and my husband can look forward to some special date nights this year (and less yap-yap every night he comes back from work cause now I have you to talk to).

PS: I am about to close the biggest deal since the inception of my business in 2006. In a recession! Am I arrogant? (Yes, maybe a bit) but I know I will close this thanks to your exceptional guidance.

Dear Dem
Thank you, your training session was once again very valuable and part of a holistic approach to the recruitment process.
Please stay in the business!
Kind Regards
Maria Theron
Managing Director

It doesn’t matter how many times we may sort of go over familiar topics in the Webinars, there is always something that Dem throws in there that is mind altering that he hasn’t mentioned before that gives us a whole new approach towards something again…..

I personally have never come across a trainer who has the ability to convey the message across like Dem does, I always come out of his seminars feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world. Thanks Dem your assistance has been invaluable :)
Dem is a well-known and well-respected trainer in the recruitment industry.

We first hired Dem to train our consultants in 2004 and have never lost touch with him since then. After every training session, the consultants leave the training room fired up and motivated to pick up the phone and market, recruit the candidates, place and make commission.

Dem is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of recruitment due to his many years in the industry, as a consultant, manager and trainer. This is partly because he practises what he preaches and has never stopped consulting so that he is never out of touch with what is happening in the recruitment industry. As a result, his training never becomes stale as he adapts it to the needs of the industry depending on new trends, the feel of the market, where the challenges are and where opportunities are presenting themselves.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dem's training to any person in recruitment who wants to increase their placements and commission - if you apply his training, you can ony do well!
Dearest Dem,

I thought you would appreciate the compliment from a very demanding audience: The training was excellent. We were riveted to our seats, and you left us feeling so motivate! You create a feeling of: "That’s right, I know how to do this, and I can do this stuff. Let me get on the phone and do some of this!!"

A further benefit is that even though it is not a motivational session, the motivation is a bi-product of the teachings, and that just shows how brilliant the training was. It was 100% according to what was asked for. Not one word out of place, redundant, superfluous or inappropriate. Every sentence is powerful, meaningful and packed with substance. The training was well paced with no fillers or empty phrases or boring repeats, never patronizing in any way, but making very strong points.

Thanks again for the wonderfully interactive and informative sessions, they were definitely “world class”!!

Warm Regards,
Ingrid Kast, CEO
Surina Lambert, Divisional Director
DAV Professional Placement Group
Hi Dem,

Just a short note to thank you for the continued professionalism which you are imparting to the recruitment industry. It is delightful and a real "shot in the Arm" to know that the image is being developed into a professional organisation.

Thanks for your insight and enthusiasm and knowledge that you impart. Very many thanks once again - it lifts my spirits to know the industry is on the way up!