Objections Overruled!

Objections Overruled!

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We Shall Overcome Objections: But which ones? Some are merely brush- offs, and there is nothing to overcome and it's best you end the call and move on. Some are opportunities, and with the right approach, the right wording, and large enough...uh, nerve...you can uncover the need and create a placement.

Today's Objections are a far cry from what they used to be. In this market, you don't get "no vacancies", you get:

"We're using a lower cost provider".
"We have FaceBook and LinkedIn and we're doing it ourselves".
"You're not on our preferred supplier agreement, which is longer than War and Peace".
"You have to qualify the fee through HR".

In this session, Dem will show you a methodology that will:

Separate the brush- offs from the opportunities.
Uncover the negotiating "style" your client uses.

Counter it with no nonsense, easy to use rebuttals that will position you to gather the information you need to close.

Objections make the business more interesting. If everyone said yes right away, you'd be bored. Think of it as a game. You just need to understand the rules, and how to execute in today's market.

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