Marketing Madness!

Marketing Madness!

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So let's assess the industry over the last 5 years. Thirty percent of our industry is gone. The good news is you're still here. You're a fighter and you'll outwork this market. At least that's the story you keep telling yourself. More calls, more phone time. If I just make enough calls…

I like your spirit. You will survive! More calls are definitely better than less, but I know all those calls can sometimes feel monotonous. The objections are familiar and predictable and you feel like you're running at full-speed just to stay in place. You think you need a holiday, but what you really need is something entirely different. You need to RELOAD! In this session, I'll share with you ways that you can put more firepower into your marketing efforts.
  • Why Market?
  • How to introduce your company with credibility.
  • Step-by- step script for marketing candidates.
  • What makes a "most marketable candidate"?
  • Do's and Don'ts of Marketing- mistakes recruiters make and how to avoid them.

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