Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry Up and Wait

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No, it's not your imagination. Clients are taking longer to make offers to your candidates.

Most DEMsays members tell us their "Time to Fill" ratio has increased, some by as much as 50%. The good news is there is no "cause and effect" at play here, no "new corporate culture" or overarching HR directive that is creating this problem. This is self-induced, this is "cause and defect".

First Dem will tackle the problem at its core. You are taking job orders with the wrong emphasis on the wrong qualifying questions. It's Dem's belief that all delays in the process are evident in the very beginning if ONLY you asked clear questions and accepted the answers. If you're hell bent on working the job regardless of what info you glean, no one can help you.

But then we get into some underlying issues not as clear. Urgency is not pressure, and Dem will help you establish “pressure". All clients say they have urgency, less than half feel pressure. Then we move on to Dem's List of "Tricks and Tales": the cliched list of phrases and (let's be real) half-truths we tell clients to make them feel they must act. Dem will show you a more authentic method that will ring true and therefore you will be able to implement with passion.

In a recent survey Dem did with some of the country's top billers, this objection was the one keeping these high-powered people up at night. So, take heart, it's not just you, and take heed, you need to change this dynamic. "What can I do? The client said they were going to make an offer but that was 2 weeks ago."

Turns out you can do a lot...

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