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Hi Dem,

Could you recommend training material that you have that would cover the following topic? "Selling a job opportunity even when you don’t know everything about the job". And could you comment on the topic as well?



If anyone were trying to sell a training product where they explain how to sell a job to a candidate when "you don't know anything about it", I certainly wouldn't recommend it. Because it will only lead to failure.

You can't fake it. The candidates you get that are of sufficient quality for your clients to pay you a fee for are for the most part working people. People with options, people who are sophisticated enough to know when they are being 'sold'. You might be able to blind them with enough bull to get them to "check out" a job, but you will never get them to actually overcome the fear of change and disruption in their life to accept a job. Working like this, you'll end up a recruiter who gets a lot of activity, but not many placements.

So back to basics. Module 8 in the Online Classroom walks you through how to qualify a job order comprehensively. I point out in that Module how the quality of the job order will dictate how you present the opportunity to a candidate, and how you position the job so that it is aligned (if it truly is) with their career goals. This genuinely excites the candidate, and they pursue the opportunity accordingly. They'll perform better on the interview too.

I tell all recruiters the same thing: If all you're saying to your candidate, [because you have so little information about your job opportunity], is: "How would you like to do what you're doing somewhere else so that I can make some money?" Guess what? They won't do it. People do things for their own reasons. There's no short cut here. Do your homework.


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