The Polished Recruiter Seminar

One day only! SA Recruiters, GET READY to catch Dem LIVE on the 28th August.

Demitri Tambourlas, our country's leading staffing industry trainer, coach, and mentor to SA's highest producing Recruiters, Owners, and Managers, is proud to present, LIVE at Montecasino...



We are ushering in a new age of Recruitment. There is no reason to be left behind. Some companies may be falling behind the pack when it is no longer necessary to do so.

 All Topics are Based on REAL LIFE Case Studies with Recruiters trained by Dem!





 Here is what you can expect should you choose to join us on the 28th August:

 DEMsays is about what's happening NOW!

 We will not be commiserating with each other. We won't be talking about Broken Business Models and comparing financial statements. If you see recruiting as your career, then this is the only reality you need to know:

 You're always going to be in SOME market!

The key to success is a repeatable process that can be adjusted for the current market reality. This has been the key principle behind my teaching for over 20 years. So come join us on the 24th August, not to WHINE, but to LEARN how to ADAPT.

Through trial and error, through taking on Sacred Cows that owners cling to long after they stop working, by listening to and holding the hands of Struggling Superstars, I have isolated the following areas that we will work on:


Topic #1: Qualifying Candidates in a Job Order World

Dem does a lot of travelling around the country training top recruiters, and all he hears lately is, "it's a Candidate Driven Market". Per Desk averages are going up, but Recruiters still have one common complaint. It's a candidate driven market and we are starting to see more turn-downs, counter offers, and non- starters. This is not news to those of you who have suffered recently.


And yet we are still Job Order Centric. Why?

  • Because we get more money for Job Orders.  
  • They are easier to measure.

But when you are Job Order centric in a candidate driven market, there will be issues. Candidates have options, and these options grow in a candidate driven market. Recessions make us forget this. And this creates issues for us.

 So let's look at how we measure our sacred job orders, and apply those rules to measuring our candidates. And once we find a 'hot' candidate, let's work them like we do a 'hot job. And close more placements!

Included in this topic:

  •    Top 5 Signs that you are Job Order Centric
  •    Dem's A-HA Moment!
  •    2 Words that will reveal your Candidates seriousness!
  •    The Biggest Mistake Rookies Make/ The Biggest Mistake Seniors Make 


Topic #2: Guarantees: Exactly when did you become Clairvoyant?

 Do you guarantee your candidates? For how long? What is it you guarantee? And exactly when did you become clairvoyant?

Most agencies inherited their guarantee policy from their previous owner or use a fee agreement they got at a conference. But the proper use of your guarantee is an art form, and a delicate part of negotiating with your clients. 

Clients are confused by the lack of standardization in this area among search companies. We’ll discuss your options, potentially save you thousands, and more importantly, stop you from experiencing the recruiter’s nightmare - working a search you’re not going to get paid for!


Included in this session:

  •    Where do Guarantees come from?
  •    The Industry standards for Guarantees.
  •    What we are currently Guaranteeing and what we SHOULD be Guaranteeing


How to use your Guarantee as a Sales tool, including:

  •    Dem’s NEW Probationary Method.
  •    Dem’s NEW “The Hidden Reason why you shouldn’t ask for a Refund” Method.


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 Date: ONE DAY ONLY: 28th August, 2015




DemSays Members: R1'295.00 excl VAT per delegate

Non-members: R1'495.00 excl VAT per delegate


 Venue: Montecasino; Fourways; Johannesburg


 Time: 9am to 12:30pm (lunch included after the seminar)



 Cancellations are 50% refundable. No- shows are non-refundable and substitutions are allowed at any date.


 Thoughts from an industry legend...

Dear Demitri,

 I just wanted to say: I really enjoyed you well-thought and value-add training! Love your passion and ability to put the point across as well as good examples of deliverables and cost validations. You really do bring the fun back into the business at all levels of the recruitment Industry. Thank you and keep up the great work!


Gail Burns, Owner

Target Search & Selection 

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