Rookie Retreat 2015

When you send your rookies to DEM's office for his renowned Rookie Retreat, you know you're going to get: 

  • DEM's energy and knowledge! 
  • The Drama of Live Closing situations! 
  • The comfort of knowing your rookies will get exposed to EVERY facet of the placement process. 
  • Rookies returning home Fired Up! (All while you work your desk. Enjoy the respite!)






 This retreat will be different as Dem covers not only the universal basics and the psychology of selling, but also the new approach on 'HOW' to run a desk.

  • Examples of what’s changed.
  • How to Plan (it takes longer the more tools you have!!)
  • How to Write Emails (Yes we go there, you HAVE to!)
  • How to Close Candidates with Multiple Offers and Options. 
  • Working with not against HR.
  • Fee Fighting with Purpose, not Rhetoric.
  • Your recruiters will be exposed to real recruiters in real time right here in DEM’s office.


Some of what we will cover: 

  •        Planning
  •        Name-Gathering
  •        Marketing Calls
  •        Fee Qualification and Negotiating
  •        Qualifying Job Orders
  •        COLD Recruiting Calls
  •        Overcoming Client & Candidate Objections
  •        Making Verbal Presentations
  •        Closing Deals
  •        Managing Resignations


The proof? DEMsays members are enjoying a banner year so far.

 "Even if you are a senior recruiter, the basics never go out of fashion. DEM's Rookie Retreat provides insight and explanation to some of the essential techniques that a good recruiter should always have in their toolbox”. 

“DEM's energy and knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry and I feel energized to get back to the office and hit it hard!"

"Engaging, entertaining and an endless amount of knowledge”