Recruiters Training Classroom

What is it?

The search business is complicated.The Recruiters Training Classroom breaks it down and offers outcomes based lesson plans for recruiters and for owner/ managers on every step of the placement process.

Being good at Recruiting involves more than just digging up a lot of Candidates and Job Orders. If your overall game plan is weak, or you lack the control to enforce your plan, no amount of heroics or luck will get the job done with any consistency.

The Recruiters Training Classroom is a system designed and developed to strengthen your fundamental skills, and keep you constantly updated with the most current and effective Recruiter techniques.

It is the most updated, comprehensive Recruiter Training tool ever developed for the South African Staffing Industry. At your desk, available at the click of a button. It includes over 700 Electronic pages of the most effective, tried and tested Recruitment Training content, based on over 3000 live call attempts made personally by your Trainer, and thousands of hours of listening to top Billers on the phone and hearing what works.

Your very own resource for running a High- Performance Recruiters desk, including a Formal Training Program for new Recruiters that is completely Outcomes Based and Results oriented, Situational Training, Objection Rebuttals, Scripts (constantly updated), Updated Documents and Forms of top billers, Testing and Assignments, and so much more.

The courses on offer at the Recruiters Training Classroom

How to use it

Rookies can use the Recruiters Training Classroom as a formal Training Program, starting with Module 1, completing the Quiz and Assignment, and then moving on Module by Module.

Seniors can use the system either to go back to basics, or as a situational reference tool.

Owners and Managers can use the system to conduct regular training sessions with their teams, without all the preparation and planning involved in setting up formal programs. It’s all here for you.

Regardless of the pace you choose to review the material, it is there for you as often as you need to refer to it, and regular updates will be provided on an ongoing basis, ensuring you will always be kept up to date on the the most effective techniques in our business.

The Future of Training is on your desktop, RIGHT NOW!

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What you get

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