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Training Tools for Recruiters and Owner/ Managers. Everything you need to run your desk like a big biller.

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  • Recruiters who want to make more placements.
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  • Sole Owners with no one to bounce problems and ideas off of
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Recruiters Training Classroom

Everything you need to know to make more placements. Outcomes based lesson plans on every step of the recruitment process.

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Track your Numbers

Submit your numbers on a daily basis so that you know what to look for, what to shoot for, and what your bare minimums need to be.

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Document Library

Download the forms and documents of big billers.

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The Audio Wall

Listen to live recording of real conversations by real recruiters.

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Download the presentations to all Dem training Workshops and Seminars.

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What to say when

The most effective, tried and tested Rebuttals to common industry objections.

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Ask Dem a question

Dem and his network of big billers answers your most difficult and pressing questions.

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Script Review

Send us your script for review.

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Manager Tools

Confidential questions and essential tools for owners and managers.

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