My candidate is a job-hopper!


Hi Dem,

I need your urgent advice please! I have a great candidate who is only working with me. The problem is his CV looks like he’s a job- hopper. He has had 4 jobs in the last 8 years. All his reasons seem valid, but I just can’t get companies to see past this. They think he’s unstable. He’s really interested in making a change, but his CV is ruining his chances. How can I get companies to see this candidate?


Your issue here is not with what you KNOW. It’s with what you DON’T know. It sounds like there is more to this story than you are being told, and let me explain.

The old definition of a ‘job- hopper’ just doesn’t hold true in contemporary recruiting anymore. It’s one of the biggest changes in our industry over the last ten years. Ten years ago, if you didn’t stay at one Job for 20 years, you were considered ‘unstable’ or, I remember this phrase, a ‘greyman’. But according to recent stats, the average person growing up in THIS generation will have 10 jobs by the age of 35! If someone has had 2 Jobs in 20 years NOW, they are considered a ‘dinosaur’ and, I’ve been told, ‘have no breadth of experience’. The modern candidate is loyal to themselves only, not their company, and will stay only as long as they enjoy the work, the people, and the money. When any of those elements change, they’ll leave.

You say that you’re hearing this excuse from MORE than one company? Something is amiss! I can’t tell you what the problem is because I haven’t interviewed the candidate, but 4 Jobs in 8 years is not a Job- Hopper in today’s employment world.

Call up one of the companies that said ‘no’ and say to them:

"Now that you’ve decided not to see my candidate, I need your help. I don't want to keep sending this person out if there is something I don't know. I place LOTS of people with 4 jobs in 8 years. The average stay is under 2 years. So what was the real reason you rejected him?"

Hopefully this will flush out the real reason why they are saying ‘no’ and not the excuses they’re giving.

There has to be more to this story, and if there is, you are closing on the excuse and not the reason, and that never works. (If you ask me to go to the movies and I don't feel like going because I want to stay home and veg, but my excuse is my car is acting up, and you offer to pick me up and take me home, you have closed on the excuse, and not the reason. So I will make up another excuse..."Plus I think I have early stage swine flu."