Overview of Permanent Consultants Classroom (PCC)

A Personal Note from Dem...

As a trainer in the staffing industry, I have had the privilege of working with and mentoring some of the highest producing recruiters in the country and I am constantly amazed at how much expertise is needed to really be a top biller. I've never encountered any other industry where the product that you sell can come back to bite your head off!

As a professional recruiter, to stay on the cutting edge you must keep honing your skills, or take a chance on being passed by someone more dedicated than you.

Once you go through the DEMsays process completely, your life will be different, if you have done it correctly.

Having been in our industry for over 19 years and tried the search business almost every way possible, you can imagine that I have at my disposal an enormous library of some of the most effective techniques/ scripts/ rebuttals/ methodologies for running a desk. In this program you will NOT be exposed to anything that I have not tried myself, nor will you receive any outdated material that may have worked in a different market.

Thank you for your trust. For those who know me, I have a strong level of attachment to someone who invests in my training.

- Dem

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