Ask Dem: A recruiter irritated my client?


Hi Dem,


I had a very junior Recruiter call a client where he had submitted a candidate for one of their job orders. He didn't hear from them so he kept calling until HR got p#@#'d off. They said they had a bad experience and do not want to work with him or us again. 

HR even said they can go the legal route if required if he does not stop calling. How do I get this client back?



 In the course of a career as an owner/ manager, you will have hundreds of clients. Some will be great, others will be okay, and some will just be occasional 'customers' that pay the bills. Even your "keeper" clients, the ones you love, who have helped pay for your house, will one day merge, sell, fail, your contacts will leave or die, and they will be gone. A harsh reality check and a reason to keep marketing every day.

 But 'Legacy' Recruiters are rare.

Pass this test of loyalty and you will begin to build the CORE of your agency, the people that 'have your back', as long as you prove you have theirs. Maybe your Recruiter was over the top and too aggressive. Maybe he called HR out for their slow response time and inability to make a decision. The truth hurts. Let me remind you that the very best Recruiters are impatient and tenacious and often make ill- timed and inappropriate remarks, and they must be toned down, but I'd sure as hell rather tone down a maverick than try to give some courage to a weak Recruiter.

 Ask yourself this: What is the likelihood that you apologising and groveling with your Recruiter in earshot grinding their teeth is going to all of a sudden make this client responsive and easy to work with? You will fall on your sword and nothing will be accomplished except your Recruiter will lose faith. We feel for the meek, we want to protect the lost and the bewildered; we don't want to go into battle with them, nor work for them.

 Do yourself and your agency's long- term success a favor and call this client and read them the riot act. How DARE they chastise your employee. How DARE they suggest they won't do business with us, with their slow and cumbersome process and their indecisiveness. WE DON'T WANT THEIR BUSINESS, "AND WHILE I'M AT IT MR/MS HR MANAGER, I KNOW YOU WERE TRYING TO GET MY RECRUITER IN TROUBLE BY SENDING YOUR NASTY MESSAGE, BUT THE ONLY WAY MY RECRUITER WILL GET IN TROUBLE IS IF HE EVER CALLS YOUR COMPANY AGAIN FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN SOURCING YOUR BEST PEOPLE. HAVE A NICE DAY!!"

 Slam down the phone or throw your headset to the ground ala Meryl Streep in The Devil wears Prada, then wink at your Recruiter, slap him on the back, and walk away. Your Recruiter will hit the phones energised, happy, and full of fire. The boss believes. That's all most Recruiters need to know.



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