Ask tough questions

The most successful recruiters are the ones that aren't afraid to ask the tough questions, but do you know what the tough questions are?

Here Dem shares a few examples of what to ask to be more successful:

To candidates:

How does your spouse feel about you making a move?

To client after interviewing your candidates:

Can you make a decision based on the people you've seen and who would you like to extend an offer to?


To candidate after first interview:

Based on what you now know, if they want to see you again, do you want to pursue?

To client when setting up second interviews:

Why do you want to see my candidate again? What will happen at that meeting?


To client when qualifying a job order:

So, if I understand the situation, if I found a qualified candidate and we scheduled an interview for next week, and if it was the right person, you could make a competitive offer and have that person start in about 2 to 3 weeks?

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