Ask Dem Marketing for New Business

Hi Dem,

In terms of marketing to develop new clients, what do you believe is the most effective approach? I would just appreciate your thoughts on what you've seen be most effective over time.


I track this pretty closely. And I ask the recruiters I mentor to do the same, cause while Einstein said, “Not all things that can be counted matter, and not all that matters can be counted”, that’s easy to say when you are Albert Einstein and don’t have a target to hit.

  • So year after year, the winner is Candidate Marketing. It poses a specific human situation to a decision maker and generates call-backs. People say it’s been overdone. Yip, because it works!
  • Referrals from candidates are a close second. We learn about jobs from the candidates, not some Googled article on “Hot Companies to Follow”.
  • LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn tracking when someone takes a job or makes a move. This creates a well-positioned congrats call (“Where else were you interviewing”?) and a follow up to the company they left.
  • Shadowing all the companies in your niche. Following up their Website ads with tireless rapidity.
  • Conferences within your niche. Last week a group of recruiters I’m training went to a major conference. One of the recruiters came back with 22 leads. If it takes 20 cold marketing calls to get a Job Order, and you make 25 cold marketing calls a day, it would take you 17 days to get 22 job orders. Spend the money, leave your desk, go booth hopping at a conference. Schmooze!!
  • Your own website, if it is correctly set up, should generate jobs. It helps to send out an email marketing piece which links to your site.

All of these work, but the king of them all is marketing candidates. Or, channeling Albert Einstein:

E (Excellence) =MC (Marketing Candidates).