Ask Dem: Just mail the CVs

Hi Dem,

My client tells me to "just email" the CV's. No calls, even no cover letters. Then we get no response for days. He says it's their standard practice. Do I have to live with that?

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Do you have to live with that? I’m having a hard time just living with you asking the question. Drop this client like a bad habit.

You must work contingency, because once people pay a retainer they want more than the occasional email. Then, you are single and the universe of clients is Club Med. My advice is: Work with those who respect your process and value your efforts, forget the rest.

Now, borrowing from our Job Order Module in the Online Classroom, this should be qualified while taking the job order by asking:

“Once I evaluate candidates, how do you want to communicate?”

Listen to the response, and make your case. In your case, if this person was an 'email only' type, I would strenuously object. Email is flat, you lose context, people’s situations are complex, there’s too much carpal tunnel syndrome in the world, we need to talk. Add that your candidates deserve a hearing and the client is paying too much money to get reduced service.

If you win the battle, great. If not, you have a business decision to make.

If the job is hot in every other way, I might work on it until I see what kind of turn around time I was getting on these emails. If the job was not hot in every other way, I would move on and not give it another thought.

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