Ask Dem Bypassing the Gate Keeper

Hey Dem,

I have a problem with a new client. I spoke directly to the HR Manager who then forwarded the CV’s (I sent her 4) to the CFO of the company. It's been 2 weeks, and all I have heard from the HR Manager is, "I have not heard anything yet from him, as soon as I do, I will let you know". I want to just forget about the HR Manager and just contact the CFO myself, but I know I can't do that; I don't want to mess up a placement.

I'm getting frustrated with this. Please can you give me some advice on what to do? I'm not getting any feedback yet.


If you had emailed me describing the exact same scenario but told me it had been two days, even four days, then I would go into "there, there" mode..."There, there, my friend, Rome wasn't built in a day, one mustn't be too impatient, this is your first priority but not theirs, you're on commission but HR isn't..." and I would tell you to give it some time, protect yourself by making other marketing calls, and stop recruiting until HR responds.

But Two Weeks!! Are you joking?

Of course you go around the HR person to the CFO. You say you don't want to mess up a placement. WHAT PLACEMENT? You have exactly and precisely nothing to lose, which is exactly what I would say to both the CFO and the HR person.

In the best case scenario, the CFO is shocked to hear about this chain of events, has no idea the HR person has not begun the interviewing process, puts you on hold, storms into the HR person's office, fires him/her, has security throw them out the door, (or the window if they're on the ground floor) and then not only apologises for making you hold, but gives you a job order for the HR person's vacated position and offers you Jersey Boys tickets to make up for their hapless treatment of you.

In the worst case scenario, the CFO doesn't take your call, forwards your voice-mail to the HR person, who calls you and haughtily asks you how you dare go around him/her? In that case you tell him “I have two weeks and four angry candidates worth of reasons...” and back down not one inch.

Afraid of "losing the client?" My friend with clients like that you could starve.